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Steal Tomorrow
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New Flash Fiction

I have posted a new Steal Tomorrow story. This is part of the City News flash fiction offshoot: Collector.

New Flash Fiction

I have posted a new Vince story: In the News


There's a sign outside the window
of the room where I get my tea:
Coming Soon

I am wearing my poker face
when I hear the news:
I smile and nod,
but keep my feelings safe
from prying eyes.

It's all a charade, you know.
They don't just come,
but also go.
And so I don my mask,
paint my lips,
and style my hair.
Blend in.

There is Ginseng in my cup,
red ink on my hands.
Outside: blue screen of death.
This is my day, writ large.

And when the clock strikes
and it's all over
(tea and sly asides)
papers crumpled in bins
(do not shred)
I descend the staircase,
step by step.

Outside, my glasses fog
in summer's heat.

I am blind.

This was written for Sunday Scribblings 2.

New Steal Tomorrow Flash Fiction

I have posted a new story in the Jazz Gang series on the Steal Tomorrow site: Sunny.