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Steal Tomorrow
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It's just a little pain,
small reminder
(guilty conscience)
not quite sin,
not quite love,
not quite anything
told in books.

Try to look too closely
and it might disappear,
always to return
(nothing ever goes away)
almost true
stuck like glue,
stuck to you
and me.

Pluck it out:
an easy wish to make,
harder to do,
because this thorn that
pricks my memory,
stabs my veins,
and lives under my skin,
I also cherish
to my core.

These slivers of attachment
are not the enemy;
the nemesis lies within
my fickle heart.

This was written for Sunday Scribblings 2


They tried to build a jail for me,
but instead, I built my own
with walls of futile wishes,
crazy dreams,
and childhood fears:
hard as diamonds
tough as nails.

No need for stone and steel
when secrets will do. 

Here I'm safe from 
shadows and sunshine,
strangers and fairy tales.
Inside these walls I'm safe 
from me
and you.

But though I make my gaol
and imprison myself inside,
I am no martyr.
Prophets may forecast my fate
and seers speak my doom,
yet here there is no jailer
and in my pocket is a key.

So still your mocking laughter
and be not proud,
for I have seen the place you dwell.
You are locked up, too.

 This was written for The Sunday Whirl.


I tossed you out
but you got in again
through the cracks
and in between
the interstitial spaces
of my brain,
into my soul. 

An unwelcome guest
(discarded fantasy)
no more substance than
or smoke,
but you asphyxiate me
just as surely
as if
you were real.

This was written for Sunday Scribblings 2

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