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Steal Tomorrow
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Friday Fictioneers

I've added another Vince story. This time for Friday Fictioneers.

New Vince Story

Well...sort of. Read it and you'll see.


“Stop it, June.” Robert glared as the girl plucked a flower and tossed the petals on the wind.

“Should you stay, or should you go,” she chanted.

“It’s too late for that.” He shifted the pack on his shoulder. “I base my decisions on reason, not flowers.”

“What’s so reasonable about fighting the government? My father died too. You don’t see me packing my bags.”

“Maybe you should.”

With tears in her eyes, June held the last petal aloft.

“What does it say?”

“It says to kiss me before you go.”

Robert indulged her, then set off down the trail.


This prequel is related to my new serial. Photo prompt by Marie Gail Stratford, posted at Friday Fictioneers.

New Serial

I've started posting my new novel here. I haven't decided whether I will be posting once a week or more often, but it's a finished piece and you'll get to read the whole thing, regardless. Feel free to send me an email or leave your thoughts in the comments!


Hello, everyone! This is just a quick announcement that I have recently completed a draft for a new novel. It's set in the same fictional world as most of my other work: Tin Soldier, Bella Diana, Diana's Diary, and all the short stories about Vince and about Will and Diana that I've posted over the years on my Writings blog.

I will be serializing this story in a blog and later make it available as a free or almost-free Kindle download. I'm also looking at other possible formats, since technology trends change so rapidly. If anyone has new posting locations that they can recommend, please email me or post something in the comments.

If all goes as planned, I'll start posting as early as February 17, and no later than March 3.