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Steal Tomorrow
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A longing gaze
A laughing look
A holy mess
beyond the pale.
Should I chime in,
pile on,
add to gossips' gluttony?
No, I would stay silent,
lick my wounds,
taste my blood,
and wait for courage to arrive. 

Is it still betrayal
if the heart has never strayed?

They say speak plain,
but it's easier to sigh
and wonder, 
so I'll take these words
I dare not say
and put them on a plate
(tidy, unlike life)
then take out fork and knife,
slice them into bit-sized bits,
and ingest them one by one.

And if you ask me
who's to blame,
I will say I've seen the knife
and felt the cut.
These scars are mine alone.

This was written for The Sunday Whirl.

Auld Lang Syne

Should I wax nostalgic
as the old year passes?
Already you are part
of what was then.

Although I know it
in heart and mind,
your brilliance fades.
I sing your praises
and read again your words,
but the fever that they stoked
has cooled.

Unless there is some secret
you have found
(unknown to those who went before)
the fire cannot be relit.

And so I nestle here
in the old year's last embrace,
giving a thoughtful moment
to that sliver of our past.

Give me now your blessing
and bestow your gifts on me,
for as these sands do sift away,
I would close my eyes,
make a fervent wish
and let you go.

This was written for Three Word Wednesday and Sunday Scribblings 2.


Drunk on your words,
Entranced by your fire,
Made small and single-minded
by your game.

But if I stop,
refuse to play,
what remains?
A gray world of duty:
Washed-out and empty.
Endless days.

The only living
is in the lie;
the rest is just existence.
And so I grasp samsara
With both hands.

This was written for Three Word Wednesday.


I would make with you a compact:
sworn to silence
sworn to peace
keepers of each others’ sins
partners in crime.

For now and forever after
let there be honor
between us two thieves,
a sterling bond
that tarnishes with neglect
but still holds strong.

Think not I would be jubilant
should there be more between us
than our silence
and your smile,
for I’m not one to fracture time
and give a piece to all.
And though you’re dear to memory
each hour is dear to heart.

This was written for Three Word Wednesday.